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Is it wrong to want MY Wonder Woman back?

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman
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You’re a wonder, Wonder Woman!!!!

I confess. After the mess that was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I just don’t have much faith that the powers-that-be will do any better with the new Wonder Woman movie. And with almost a year to go before it’s released (it’s due out June 2, 2017), there is plenty of time for the movie to let us down once the inevitable leaks are, well, leaked.

And that makes me long for the Wonder Woman of my time. Yes, the TV series was cheesy. Yes it had bad writing. But it had one thing I fear the movie won’t have.

A good leading star.

For all its faults, the TV series worked solely because of Lynda Carter. She held it together. She was center stage every time she was on our screens, no matter what was happening around her. We’ll have to wait and see if Gal Gadot can do the same.

That said, the new costume does look pretty cool. But it does point out yet one more difference between the two Wonder Women.

My Wonder Woman didn’t need full forearm bracelets to deflect bullets. Just saying.

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