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Yes, someone has already crashed playing ‘Pokémon Go’

Car crash while playing Pokemon Go
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Like you didn’t know this was coming. Thankfully this guy only hit a tree. We still have a family of four dying after being hit by someone playing this game to look forward to.

Can we all just agree up front that anyone caught playing Pokémon Go while driving should automatically be prohibited from driving again for at least a year? And after the year is up, that person must take and pass both the written and driving tests before being given a license again?

The driver, Steven Cary, suffered a broken ankle and cuts to his legs. Cary, who was driving his younger brother’s car, was transported to a local hospital for treatment. He is expected to be cited in connection with the one-car accident.

And this is the best part. It wasn’t even his car! The car he totaled belonged to his little brother! No word yet on whether the younger brother broke the older brother’s other ankle upon hearing the news.

For the record, I don’t blame Pokémon Go or its makers for the crash. He should have had the common sense to not look at his phone while driving.

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