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Target, transgender woman, and victim’s description to police

Target Stores
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Come on. You can’t say you didn’t see this coming.

Back in April, Target announced that their customers could use the bathroom and fitting room that fit their gender identity. If they felt male, they could use the men’s side. If they felt female, they could use the women’s side. If they felt demiboy or demigirl……… for some reason Target never explained their policy on those.

When Target made this change, many people cried foul. They said it would make women less safe by giving sexual predators access to victims. And that has now happened.

Basically, Shauna Smith, a transgender woman, went into a Target’s women’s fitting room in Idaho and begin filming an 18-year-old woman who was changing in the next stall. The girl’s mother confronted Smith who then fled. Police later arrested Smith at home. According to the article, Smith’s roommate confirmed that Smith was a transgender woman.

I’m not going to get into what I think about Target’s restroom and fitting room policy, nor am I going to talk about whether it leaves women susceptible to predators. Because those aren’t the reasons I’m posting this story.

The reason I’m posting this story is because of the victim’s description of the suspect.

Shauna Smith arrest photo

Her mother confronted the suspect, who fled on foot. Both later identified the voyeur as a white man wearing a dress and a blond wig.

Dude………. if the description given to police is that you are a white MAN wearing a dress and a wig, I think it’s safe to say that you need some help with your dress sense.

Just saying.

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