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Why isn’t Dylann Roof pressing charges?

Dylann Roof
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So Dylann Roof made the news again this week, although this time it wasn’t for something he did. Instead, he had something done to him.

According to the AP and Yahoo! News (Editor’s note: Original Yahoo! News article deleted; here is similar one from CBS News), Dylann Roof was attacked in prison yesterday by a black inmate. I doubt many people are going to feel any sympathy for Roof over this. After all, when you kill nine black people at a Charleston church, you have to figure someone is going to retaliate against you.

But that’s not the reason for this post. Instead, the following blurb is what caught my eye.

Although authorities initially said [Dwayne] Stafford would be charged with assault, [Charleston County Sheriff Al] Cannon told reporters that Roof and his attorneys don’t want to press charges. The 26-year-old Stafford is awaiting trial on first-degree assault and strong-armed robbery charges.

So Dylann Roof doesn’t want to press charges against the person who attacked him in jail. And, quite frankly, that makes me curious enough to ask why? Does he, or his lawyers, think a judge or a jury might go a little easier on him if he doesn’t press charges? Do they think his life would be easier in jail if he doesn’t press charges? Roof has been in protective custody since he arrived at that prison. So it doesn’t seem like this attack would be repeated.

What would you do if you were in jail and another inmate attacked you? Would you press charges? Or would you just let it go?

You know, if you are answering that question, then maybe you should also explain why you are in jail in the first place.

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