Wife and girlfriend each place an obituary

Leroy Black's two obituaries

I really don't even know where to begin with this one. So I'm not going to even try. Instead, I'll just lay out the facts and then let you all do the talking. See the obituaries above? They are for the same man, Leroy black, who passed away a few days

But… but… asking for photo ID is discriminatory!

Voter ID

One of the cities in my area of Texas has a Back to School Fair every year. The fair gives low-income public school children in the city an opportunity to pick up school supplies for the next year. In addition, children can get free haircuts, immunizations, dental cleanings, vision screenings,

Hillary Clinton can’t stop lying

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has never met a lie she's not willing to double down on at least once. In an interview with KUSA's Brandon Rittiman, Clinton said the following when asked about her emails. And as the FBI [Director James B. Comey] said, everything that I’ve said publicly has been consistent and truthful