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Dear Olympians: No fishing in the toilets

Toilet Rules Sign
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Please tell me this isn’t actually a problem in Rio de Janeiro. Please tell me Rio does not have hundreds of people going around and doing this.

U.S. basketball star Elena Delle Donne posted the following to her Instagram on Saturday.

Guess I won't be toilet fishing today 😒

A photo posted by Elena Delle Donne (@de11edonne) on

Take a look at the bottom left DO NOT image. It is an image of someone fishing in the toilet. Fishing. With a fishing pole! Is this really a problem in Rio, or maybe in Brazil as a whole? Do Brazilians really go from toilet to toilet with their fishing lure hoping to catch a fish?

There has been no word on what the punishment is for someone caught fishing in the toilet. Also, there has been no word on whether bobbing for apples in a toilet is acceptable.

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