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The privilege card for people too scared to engage in a debate

Your privilege is showing card
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As you may well know, there are people in the world who are too scared to engage in a civil debate. When confronted with an idea or statement that doesn’t conform to what their worldview, a debate phobic will simply toss out derogatory terms in the hopes that the person with the opposite opinion or thought will simply shrivel up and die. Should the person with the opposite opinion or thought not quiet down quickly enough, a debate phobic will toss out their derogatory terms with more and more volume until the opposite opinion person loses their hearing completely.

Now there is an easier way for a debate phobic to denigrate those with different opinions without risking losing their voice with all the shouting. Introducing the “Check Your Privilege” cards.

If you haven’t bought gifts for your loved ones this holiday season, here’s an idea: Instead of throwing away cash on hoverboards and cashmere scarves, have a “Check Your Privilege” card at the ready whenever they need a small reminder.

Because the only reason someone might have a different opinion or thought than you is because of their white privilege. Or their male privilege. Or their Christian privilege. Or their heterosexual privilege. Or their United States citizen privilege. Because let’s face it, we all know only people with privilege have opinions and thoughts that don’t conform to the opinions and thoughts of everyone else in this country. This card will allow you to put those people in their proper place without having to engage them in a nasty exercise often referred to as a civil debate.

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