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YouTuber Anthony Booth Armor really wants to earn a Darwin Award

Anthony Booth Armor in the hospital
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Here’s the thing about a Darwin Award: It can only be earned after you die. After all, a Darwin Award commemorates someone who did something so stupidly idiotic, they took themselves right out of the human gene pool. While not exactly a requirement, it is often hoped that they did so BEFORE reproducing.

Today I submit to you Anthony Booth Armor, who goes by 8Booth on YouTube. Anthony has a series on his channel called “Pool Drop,” where he jumps into swimming pools from the roofs of the attached building. These are usually hotel pools he jumps into, which often makes the buildings he jumps from several stories tall. He’s done eight of these jumps now. He should have stopped at seven.

No, Anthony isn’t dead. Which is why he can’t officially receive a Darwin Award yet. But he doesn’t seem to have learned his lesson, which means he might make himself very eligible for the award soon.

You see, Pool Drop 8 went very, very wrong. The image at the top of this post? That’s the result of it. That’s what happens when you hit the concrete outside of the pool first (he did bounce off the concrete and into the pool if that matters any). That’s what two shattered feet and ankles look like after hitting the concrete side of the pool from several stories up.

But shattered feet isn’t where this story ends. You see, Anthony has created a GoFundMe account in the hopes that other people will help him cover his medical bills. His goal is $112,200. I don’t know if those are the charges he’s incurred so far or if it’s an estimate of his total charges will be once he’s completely rehabbed. Below is a sentence taken from his GoFundMe page.

Just seeking a little support to keep doing what I’m doing or else I’ll be working the rest of my life to pay this off. Asking a small favor from you.

There are two things I take from this line. First, he wants us to help him not spend the rest of his life paying off the medical bills from his own stupidity. This wasn’t someone who was skydiving and had a chute malfunction. This is someone who thought it was a good idea to film himself jumping off tall buildings into tiny-sized pools so he could post them on YouTube. And now that he has tempted disaster one too many times, he wants strangers to help him pay for his stupidity.

Second, does the first part of that sentence make it seem like he’s going to continue to jump into pools from tall buildings once he has recovered? I don’t know how else to take “to keep doing what I’m doing.” Was the pain of shattering both feet and ankles not enough for him to learn his lesson? Maybe once the pain from physical therapy kicks in he’ll think twice about wanting to do it again. But as of now it doesn’t look like he’s learned his lesson.

Which is why I move that we set aside a Darwin Award now with Anthony Booth Armor’s name on it, because it may only be a matter of time before he takes himself right out of our gene pool (another pool we can hope he doesn’t jump back into anytime soon).

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