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Dan Goldstein likes to harass, doesn’t like to be harassed

Matthew Lasner tweet
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Back on December 22, 2016, Dan Goldstein and Matthew Lasner were kicked off a JetBlue airplane for verbally harassing Ivanka Trump, her husband, and their three kids before a flight from JFK International in New York. Goldstein’s verbal harassment had started in the airport before continuing on the plane after boarding. It was documented through a series of tweets by Lasner, who has since deleted his Twitter account.

Below is a tweet from a Twitter user who took a screenshot of three of the tweets before Lasner deleted his account.

As it turns out, Dan Goldstein, the one who did the actual harassing, isn’t much of one for being confronted by the news media.

On Sunday, Jesse Watters, host of Fox News’ Watters’ World, aired what happened when he confronted Goldstein in New York City. The confrontation starts at the two-minute mark.

Notice how Goldstein bravely pulls the hood on his coat over his head and then clamps down on it tightly so you can’t see his face? Notice how Goldstein bravely turns the other way when Watters first approaches him and then again after Watters caught up to him? Notice how Goldstein bravely made sure the door behind him was closed so he couldn’t be harassed anymore?

Do you think Dan Goldstein has learned his lesson yet?

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