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Mom sends payment demand after daughter scuffs her shoes during playdate

Fur-lined Expensive Red Child Shoes
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Just in case the title of this post isn’t bad enough, it actually gets worse. So let me set this up for you.

Sarah Louise Bryan has a three-year-old daughter named Isabella. Nicola Gibbs is also a mom. Her child, whose name, age, and sex were not disclosed in the article, welcomed Isabella over for a play-date recently. When the play-date was over, Isabella’s shoes were scuffed on soles and there were pen markings on at least one of the shoes.

This is probably not news to most parents. At one point or another, most three-year-old kids are going to scuff their shoes and/or mark them up with a writing instrument. It’s a part of having children. All you can do is hope that your child had fun during their play-date and hope the damage isn’t severe enough that the shoes have to be replaced immediately.

But not Bryan. She furious at the condition of Isabella’s shoes upon return from the play-date. So furious, in fact, she immediately sent an e-mail demanding that Gibbs pay to replace the shoes. Bryan even gave a deadline of February 1 to pay or she would escalate the matter.

The cost of the shoes? 325 Pounds. That’s $400 for those of us in the U.S.

In the email, Sarah – who is also mum to 13-year-old son Keegan – wrote: “So Isabella has just come home from her playdate with your child and I am disgusted to see her new Italian leather shoes are all scuffed and have a Sharpie Mark on them.

“Below is the bill for these replacing because they can not be fixed these are fine Italian leather! As a designer I do not want my child to look anything less that pristine.

“Bill for a replacement pair of Italian fur booties £325 to be pair by 01/02/2017 before I take this higher.

“Thank you, Sarah”

Go ahead and pick your jaw up from the floor. I know I had to.

What woman in her right mind would send a child to a play-date wearing $400 shoes? I don’t care that Bryan says she packed other shoes for her daughter to change into. A three-year-old isn’t going to remember that she has to change shoes before the playing can begin. Nor is it the responsibility of the Gibbs to make sure Bryan’s daughter is wearing the right shoes for the play-date.

Oh, and Isabella apparently has 60 pairs of shoes. Do with that what you want.

Gibbs says she’s not going to pay, which I applaud. We’ll have to see if Bryan escalates this any further. Though considering how she broke down while being interviewed by Piers Morgan yesterday, she may want to let this whole thing drop.

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