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The Democrats who skipped the inauguration could learn from Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton
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It’s no secret that I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton. To me, the only thing worse than having Donald Trump as the President of the United States would have been for her to have been President instead. Well, actually, having Bernie Sanders as President would have been worse than either of them, but I digress.

I think a lot of people were surprised when Clinton showed up to the inauguration Friday morning. With all the talk of the Democrats who had decided to skip, she certainly could have done the same thing as a way to get one final jab in on the new President. With all the potshots that were fired between Trump and Clinton, I don’t think anyone would have been surprised if Bill Clinton had bucked the trend of past Presidents showing up for the peaceful transfer of power.

Not only did Clinton show up, though, her Twitter account sent out the following tweet during the ceremony explaining why she showed up.

To me, it took a lot of class and dignity to do what Hillary Clinton did yesterday morning. And in doing so, whether intentionally or not, she sent a message to all the Democrats who opted to skip the inauguration, as well as to all the rioters who chose to break windows and set cars on fire. Showing up to the inauguration doesn’t mean Hillary suddenly agrees with Trump’s message, his beliefs, or his politics. It’s a simple matter of recognition that one of the many things that make the United States of America one of the best countries on earth is the peaceful transfer of power that takes place every four or eight years.

Whether the skipping Democrats and window-breaking rioters will hear that message is anyone’s guess. But they could certainly learn a thing or two by Hillary’s example yesterday morning.

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