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New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, needs to be called out for lying

Andrew Cuomo
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A few years ago, several liberal newspapers and publications decided they wanted to do away with the phrase “illegal immigrants.” The reasoning was that a person can’t be illegal. While I didn’t much care for the argument they were trying to use, or they way they tried to shame others to stop using the phrase, I really had no problem with anyone wanting to use a different phrase. After all, “undocumented immigrant” or “immigrant who is here illegally” says the same thing.

The problem, however, is that those who were against the phrase “illegal immigrant” ultimately decided not to adopt a different phrase. Instead, they just dropped the word “illegal.” So now when a liberal newspaper or publication refers to people here illegally, they simply call them immigrants. This then lumps those in the country illegally with those who are here legally. And in doing so, they re-framed the fight against illegal immigration as a fight against all immigration. Which is a lie.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reiterated that lie on Wednesday when he sent out the following tweet and video. In fact, his tweet and video has two lies in it.

The first lie is that there is a move to deport immigrants. There is not. While there has been discussion about reforming immigration policy, that refers to those who come to this country legally. The bigger talk, and the one Andrew Cuomo is clearly referring to in his tweet, is the move to remove at least some of those who are illegal immigrants (or undocumented immigrants, or immigrants who are here illegally, or however you feel the need to say the phrase). By lumping legal and illegal immigrants together into the immigrant label, the goal of Cuomo and others is to scare everyone that is in the United States and isn’t a citizen into believing they are about to be tossed out of the country by their ears.

The second lie has to do with Cuomo saying to start with him when deporting immigrants. Cuomo’s own biography says he was born in New York City. This means he is a United States Citizen and not an immigrant, legal or illegal. Therefore, he can’t be deported. In the video attached to the tweet, he does reference that his grandparents were immigrants. I have no idea if they came over legally or illegally. Nor does it matter since Cuomo was born on U.S. soil. Cuomo is not an immigrant, yet he is clearly suggesting otherwise in both his tweet and video.

The media has fallen all over itself to call out every single lie they think President Donald Trump and his team have told. So why isn’t the media calling out Andrew Cuomo for the lying in his tweet?

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