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‘Trump’s America’ has NOTHING to do with swastikas

Graffiti being cleaned off subway car
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A disgusting thing happened recently on a New York Subway. Someone decided it would be fun to deface a subway car with swastikas on just about every door, window, and glass surface. Why any sane person would think doing such a thing would be appropriate, I have no clue. Personally, my idea of fun is to take someone who thinks it’s appropriate to graffiti swastikas all over the place and beat them over the head with a bag of doorknobs. But I digress.

But something good arose from that disgusting display. A passenger who later boarded that subway car remembered that hand sanitizer removes sharpie marker (who knew?). So he located some hand sanitizer and some tissues and began removing the swastikas. This resulted in several passengers rooting through their purses for sanitizer and tissues, and soon several people were helping to get rid of the graffiti.

The act, as well as some accompanying pictures, were posted on Facebook by Gregory Locke.

While I applaud what those passengers did in cleaning up that subway car, I want to discuss the last paragraph in Locke’s post.

“I guess this is Trump’s America,” said one passenger. No sir, it’s not. Not tonight and not ever. Not as long as stubborn New Yorkers have anything to say about it.

How, exactly, does a swastika equate to being “Trump’s America?” It’s a ludicrous phrase to begin with, as this is no more Trump’s America than it was Obama’s America for the eight years he was president. That aside, did the swastika magically appear the day President Trump was elected? Or the day he took office? No. People have been posting swastikas onto buildings, subway cars, walls, and any other surface they can for decades. This is nothing new.

Furthermore, nothing about Trump being president makes that disgusting symbol any more palatable now than it was when Obama was president. Trump being president doesn’t mean people suddenly have permission to graffiti swastikas all over the place. Nor has President Trump said or done anything to indicate that such behavior is acceptable now. It was wrong when Obama was president and it’s wrong now.

So kudos to everyone on that subway car who took a moment of their time to clean up. And by all means, continue to be “stubborn New Yorkers” when it comes to crap like swastikas being displayed like that. But please think twice before attributing something that has been used to spread hate for decades with phrases like “Trump’s America.” The overwhelming majority of us who voted for Trump have no love for people who graffiti crap like that.

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