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This Hot Cheetos sold for $99,999.00 on ebay

Split screen image of gorilla and a Cheeto
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This is some funny monkey business.

Early this morning, an ebay auction ended for a Hot Cheetos that looked like a gorilla. In the auction listing, the seller name-dropped Harambe into the title. Obviously, the seller was hoping to generate bids based on sentiment for the gorilla that had to be shot after a child fell into his enclosure.

ebay listing for gorilla-shaped Cheeto

Clearly, it worked. The winning bid for the Hot Cheetos was $99,999.00. The auction lasted for 10 days, during which 50 different bidders placesd a total of 132 bids. The starting bid was $11.99.

We’ll have to wait and see whether the winning bid was a legitimate one or just some troll who decided to have some fun bidding on something he had no intention of buying. Assuming the bid is legitimate, I have to ask this question: Why in the world would anyone want to spend nearly $100,000 on any kind of food that looks like a gorilla? What, exactly, does the winning bidder get out of having a food item that looks like a gorilla? Are they going to put it in a glass case and display it in their living room for their friends and family to look at? Or is it going to make an extremely expensive side-dish the next time they make a ham and cheese sandwich?

I have a generic bag of Cheetos in my pantry right now. I suppose I should go through it first before eating them just in case I have any gorilla-shaped ones in there. Do you think generic Cheetos will sell as well?

For the record, the gorilla in the ebay listing image does not appear to be Harambe.

Do you think the winning bidder will want some of his bid back once he realizes that he bought a Hot Cheeto that looks like an ordinary gorilla?

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