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If President Trump fires Sessions as AG, he may be stuck with Rosenstein

Attorney General Jeff Sessions
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, then you know President Trump hasn’t been very happy with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. On Twitter, Trump has been blasting Sessions for everything from recusing himself on the Russia probe to not better investigating Hillary Clinton on her emails and server.

So it seems only appropriate that Senator Chuck Grassley, who is Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, used Twitter to send his own warning to Trump.

For those who don’t read Twitter shorthand, Grassley said, “Everybody in D.C. should be warned that the agenda for the Judiciary Committee is set for the rest of 2017. Judges first, sub-cabinet picks second. Attorney General, no way.”

Basically, Senator Grassley is letting President Trump know that if he fires Attorney General Sessions, he will be stuck with Deputy Rod Rosenstein as acting AG until at least sometime early next year. If recent news report are to be believed, Trump may like Rosenstein even less than he does Sessions.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see what Trump does with Sessions. And if Trump does fire Sessions, or puts enough pressure on him to resign, then we’ll have to see if Grassley sticks to his word about not taking up discussions on a new Attorney General this year.

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