This Hot Cheetos sold for $99,999.00 on ebay

Split screen image of gorilla and a Cheeto

This is some funny monkey business. Early this morning, an ebay auction ended for a Hot Cheetos that looked like a gorilla. In the auction listing, the seller name-dropped Harambe into the title. Obviously, the seller was hoping to generate bids based on sentiment for the gorilla that had to be

Dear Olympians: No fishing in the toilets

Toilet Rules Sign

Please tell me this isn't actually a problem in Rio de Janeiro. Please tell me Rio does not have hundreds of people going around and doing this. U.S. basketball star Elena Delle Donne posted the following to her Instagram on Saturday. Guess I won't be toilet fishing today

Wife and girlfriend each place an obituary

Leroy Black's two obituaries

I really don't even know where to begin with this one. So I'm not going to even try. Instead, I'll just lay out the facts and then let you all do the talking. See the obituaries above? They are for the same man, Leroy black, who passed away a few days