Terminator cutout scared Toronto for a bit last week

Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator

A small scene unfolded last week in Toronto involving a call to police about a gun situation and an Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator cutout. And the whole thing was much more interesting, and frankly better scripted, than the either of the last two Terminator movies. On August 3, Toronto police

Your cell phone won’t work at this English bar

Cell Phones

I don't know if this would be legal in the United States, but I'm really hoping it is. The Gin Tub, a bar in Sussex, England, decided their customers were being a little too anti-social. They were spending too much time looking at their cell phones and not enough time conversing

Why isn’t Dylann Roof pressing charges?

Dylann Roof

So Dylann Roof made the news again this week, although this time it wasn't for something he did. Instead, he had something done to him. According to the AP and Yahoo! News (Editor's note: Original Yahoo! News article deleted; here is similar one from CBS News), Dylann Roof was attacked in